Scams To Look Out For On The Internet This Year!

4 years ago

Here are some dangerous and malicious scams people are coming across of, but are very easy to fall for:
1. The next time you get an email from FaceBook saying that one of your friends have tagged you in a photo, BEWARE!
A new strain of malware identified by security firm Sophos as Troj/Agent-XNN has been circulating the social networking site, encouraging members to view photos as an attachment. After clicking on the infected link which is disguised as a Facebook notification email a ZIP file containing malware allows hackers to gain control over Windows-operated computers.

Although Facebook email notifications typically tell you which friends tagged you in a picture, this malware campaign states one of your friends added a new photo with you to the album. Here is a look at what the fake email message looks like.
2. Many people set up fake designer shops with very similar names and professional layouts to the designer brand they are pretending to be. Companies like Monster (Beat headphones) and Supra Footwear are some of the main targets in this scam. Always make sure you do some research before you buy something or make sure you know the website properly.
3. A man has been allegedly selling thousands of fake Take That tour tickets this year. Don`t convince yourself too much when coming across sellers that they are legit. Try to buy tickets from the original consumers, or at least buy tickets from a seller you trust. Also ask them to send you photographic evidence that they have the tickets before you buy.
4. This form of scam, where the conmen try to garner your bank details with a sob story or by pretending to be your bank, has been around as long as the internet. The criminals are masters at picking a topical world event and creating a plausible tale: the Nigerian general has over the years become an Egyptian or Syrian protester.
5. Ever received a text or email telling you that you have won a prize draw, or that you have a secret admirer and all you have to do is ring a number?

Hopefully, you will have been wise enough to delete, because phoning that number will cost you dear, while the fraudster pockets thousands. "Never ring a premium rate number, it will cost you much more than any prize. Premium rate numbers start with 090, but watch out when calling abroad, too, if international numbers don`t start with 00, then it`s premium rate," says Ms Marks.
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