Saying N word near her kids.

Wow....why couldn`t she have just walked away? According to this link website below the woman claimed that she is bipolar on a radio station. Even though there is no cure for bipolar disorder there are treatments to help control the persons mood. The sad thing about it is she is saying all of these things around her children. :( I have watched the video with the volume turned up high to see if her child said the `B` word to the guy with the camera and I didn`t hear anything. But if her son did say the `B` word, then I fear how often are her kids around her because some children may copy what an adult says or does upon others thinking that it is okay since their parents did it.

Also the woman did say on the radio station that the guy called her slur names as well. But that wasn`t caught on camera. Only God knows what really happen and with that said I just hope the children hasn`t picked up on too much of what this mother does when she is angry.

What do you luuuxers think?

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