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5 years ago

While browsing around CVS this morning, I wound up in the As Seen on TV section for some reason. I blame it on the Valentines candy and looking to see if I could find a funny gift for my love. Anyway, while in the aisle I spotted these Dream Look Instant Eye Lift strips. I admit, I was intrigued at first after looking at the pictures. I know, I know, you cant believe everything you see and/or read. I have ridiculous hooded eyelids and they really get on my nerves. So I was contemplating spending $20 <strong>(NOTE: Even though the tag states it, this is NOT on clearance! I brought it to the scanner and it rang up $19.99! Same thing happened to me last week with a `clearance` shampoo, pfft.)</strong> on this kit to magically pin these bad boys back to make my eyelid/face BE where its supposed to be, by design of course. Then I started reasoning with myself how exactly is this supposed to work? So I read the box and open the box (FYI: that was already open) to see the contents. There are these plastic looking things, that reminded me of clear looking pieces of tape. That immediately made me think of Scotch tape, which is partly why I put them back.

So with all my babbling youre probably wondering what exactly is this product SUPPOSED to do? Well, according to the manufacturer its <strong>supposed to 1) instantly lifts your eyelids, 2) is stated to be able to be used with or without makeup, 3) a way around expensive cosmetic surgery, 4) its supposed to take years off your appearance and its also supposed to 5) dramatically shape & define your eyes.</strong>

Now I did not purchase these, so I am not entirely sure if theyd do the job, but as we know a lot of As Seen on TV stuff, well, is junk, so Im a bit skeptical. I have done a few Google searches on these this afternoon and found that some people have tried them, said they DO in fact work, but they do NOT work with makeup. Bummer! If they did work with makeup, Id have ran back to CVS and snagged a box. My hooded lids bother me the most when Im wearing makeup (creasing, less drama, etc.)

<em>Have you tried the Dream Look Instant Eye Look?
Do you have any beauty steps you take to work with hooded eyelids?</em>

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