Say Hello to My New Wallet

4 years ago

The time has come and it was time to say goodbye to my old wallet. I knew it was time to replace my 2-year-old Coach wallet when I began to see the folds (the type that opened up in thirds) ripping. Of course, that was a sign that a replacement was necessary so I wont lose anything valuable, such as my money, I.D., debit/credit cards and membership cards.

I didnt have a certain place in mind for where I wanted to buy my wallet. But while I was mindlessly wondering in Urban Outfitters, I knew I had found the perfect wallet. The gorgeous teal colour caught my eye right away. You may have noticed through my previous posts, that teal is my favourite colour. Another plus to the wallet was its beautiful gold detailing on the front. The detailing is somewhat a floral lacy like pattern, and when you rotate it under the light, it reflects a lovely shiny gold colour (looks silver in pictures). And the price for $24 is just right. The brand is Kimchi Blue, which is one of my favourite brands from Urban Outfitters.

The wallet is symmetrical; what separates the 2 sides is a zippered coin compartment. The inside has eight slots to hold your cards: I.D., credit/debit, membership, gift, etc. The slot is roomy enough to fit more than one card, which I really like since I have many cards. Behind the card slots is the place where you put your paper bills. I like how there are 2 of these slots, so I can put paper bills into one and receipts into the other. On the back there is a spacey pocket. You can fit multiple cards into it. I like to keep my membership cards in here such as my gym card, Sephora Beauty Insider card, AE card, etc. and also my freebie cards for frozen yogurt, bubble tea and what not. I also love how this wallet is big enough to fit my phone into, which is fantastic since not many wallets can. My phone is gigantic; its bigger and wider than the iPhone and never fits in my pocket. If youre wondering, its the LG Optimus 3D.

People say, you get what you pay for, but hopefully this wallet will last me for a good couple of years. Ill even be happy if it lasts 2 years since it was a decently priced wallet.

What wallet do you currently use? Are you in need of replacing it soon?

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