Say Bye Bye To Jersey Shore!Peace GTL, Fist Pumping, amp Drinking....Yeah Buddy!

4 years ago

Say goodbye to the Jersey Shore...That means no more fist pumping, we really do that in Jersey! No more GTL, we do that too...Say bye to the beach (I swear we go really all the time over here)...Bye to the poof and pregnant Snooki... JWoww, Sammy & Ronnie Drama (although now its Jwoww and Roger), Bye to the Situations abs, Vinny`s pale skin, and tan loud and proud, Paulie D...Ohh and the blast in the glass Deena....

Its official the 5 seasons of partying are over for the Jersey Shore cast..........MTV has announced that they are ending the show, after this last season coming in October....

Back in 2009, the Jersey Shore was known as the epitome of making jersey look trashy.... And as much as it totally has made Jersey look like that, I have to admit, it has been some of my entertainment for the past 3 years....The entertainment of the shore has made me excited to see the cast at the same places I go out, the fun antics that happen down there (minus the one night stands), and the just overall family atmosphere the cast has...Hello thats how us Italians are!

The guidette and guido shore lifestyle was shown all over MTV so everyone in the US could know what it meant to fist pump, and have a poof.....Everyone now knows what its like to be a true Jersey girl....Hello, thats me!

The shore became a genuine cultural phenomenon along with a few crazy tan young guidos and guidettes drinking, fighting, tanning, gyming it, and fighting their way through a summer

The cast members like Snooki and The Situation became household names, and a ton of catchphrases have been said by the names of everyone....The whole Jersey Shore is hitting the history books, with the entire lifestyle and phenomena of what its like to be at the Jersey Shore..

As time went on, the Jersey Shore show, which at first was just thrown in there to kill a time slot, slowly depreciated with the ratings...not to mention the cast wanted extremely high salary demands....The last season it is said that the cast is to make $150,000 per episode....The dropped ratings, and change of lifestyle for some of the cast have led people to wonder if the cast can keep continuing seasons...Hence a new momma to be and engaged Snooki....

MTV doesn`t have much of a Plan B, either, and the spin offs of Paulie D, and Snookie and JWoww, really don`t seem to promising...I have to admit, they really are rather boring, and it seems like they are trying to throw together a show just to try to spike ratings....

Will you miss the Jersey Shore show? After a few seasons what did you think about it?

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