Saving a phone that fell into the water?

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Nokia has released one of their blogs an infographics that in five steps, explains what should be done to try to save a phone that has caught the water, one of the worst enemies of such equipment.

The accident is common and although the measures to try to repair the problem may seem obvious, the manufacturer decided outlines them with the opportunity to raise awareness of some common mistakes that will not help in the rescue.

For the scheme is known that the rice can even be combined with a good recovery of a mobile phone which has fallen to water, as opposed to a dryer, instead of dry water, can push it into the product.

Thus, the first reaction in the face of an accident involving water and a phone is to remove the equipment from the wetland, as expected. In a second step you should separate the equipment all removable components, such as SIM or battery.

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Dry the equipment is the next operation. Accessories to wear: a towel or cloth. Accessories prevent dryers or napkins, so as to prevent pieces of paper are stuck to the product and affect (or prevent) operation.

After cleaning, the mobile phone must be left for a few hours, for example during the night, in a warm and dry. Near a radiator can be a hypothesis. Another is to dip it in a bag of rice, or wrap it in a towel to help remove the remaining moisture.

Completed all the steps you just need one more: see if the equipment is working again.

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