Save Your Cash In SOmehting That Gives You AN Incentive To SAVE!

5 years ago

Lets cut to the chase, I am in no way a saver...Surprise Surprise, who knew right?....

If you could not tell by my thousands of hauls, and expensive taste, its hard to save....I swear if I even had a few cents in my pocket, I totally would spend it....Therefore its not easy for me to save cash.....Although if I have an incentive I totally will save for something....(aka gucci, louie, chanel, the necessities)...

Lets be real chicks, its 2012, is nearly impossible to save, or so it seems...However sometimes we need a little saying to remind us, what we are saving for....Savings like, House Fund, Mall Money, Casino Cash, Shoe Fund, Girls Night Out, etc....Savings that are special things that we love to do, but have to save for....
Throw a fun little saying on a bank for something we could save up for, and I may just may save........My bank account would thank me, and my parents, family and boyfriend would probably fall off their chairs....

This fun bank is full of things that make you want to save.....It has the fabulous saying, "Mall Money", on it, which really makes you think when you see it what you are saving for....I love that this bank has a fun pattern on it...In big bold letters it has mall money written on it....The beautiful colors of green, blue, and yellow on the bank really make it stand out..

This fabulous bank is not only a bank, its also a piece of decor to display and show that you can save too!

Want a similar money jar?


Read about where I got this bank from?:

What do you think of this bank? What would your bank say? What are you saving up for?

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