Save Water With A Smart Pebble

5 years ago

Saving resources, like water and electricity, is important to help the environment and to help of course, the bill at the end of the month.
Sometimes we just use to much water without even realizing we are just wasting when it could close it or open it with less "power". That is when this smart little pebble comes in action.
The Water Pebble is a water proof device that people can get to help them save water by recording and analyzing how much water you spent. Here is how it works:

- You place The Water Pebble inside your sink/bathtub, whatever and for sometime the device will record you water usage habits. After that it will work with its goal and when it records that you are getting close or passed your regular usage, it will start showing different lights but to do all of this it needs to be on the sink/whatever, all the time.

The device seems interesting and i would use one. Other cool thing about it is the price because i was expecting it to be expensive but it cots 10$ each pebble, which seems accessible.

<strong>What do you think of this device? Would you get it to monitor your water consumption?
Do you try to watch how much water you use and try to save as much as you can or you don`t really pay attention?</strong>

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