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4 years ago

I remember watching the trailers on TV and my sister, boyfriend, and I all were like, "oooh, this movie looks so good!". So it was weird how my boyfriend had a change of heart and didn`t want to see Savages! I think it was because he wanted to see the Amazing Spiderman instead -_-

I thought Savages would just be like an action/thriller movie, I had NO CLUE that it would be so gory! Some parts seemed like it should be off of SAW, not kidding you.


So the gory parts were in the beginning where there were the bodies with heads cut off. Another scary part was also in the beginning where there was a bathroom with those mops and it was playing creepy music. Another part was when they were whipping this guy who had been accused of stealing money. It was so gross. They whipped him so hard that his eye ball fell out. It might be just me, but I`m a huge scaredy cat! I shouldn`t be surprised because this movie is rated R.

If it weren`t for the gory parts, I would love to own the Savages in DVD. The other parts are really good. I love the love between the 2 guys and Othello or something. She`s in Gossip Girl :P Their love is weird. It`s 2 guys and 1 girl and the 2 guys are okay with sharing the girl. It`s sooooooooooo cute how in love the guys are with the girl. I really wished that they would make another separate movie on just their love alone. Without the gory stuff of course!

Salma Hayek is absolutely stunning in this movie. I love her hair!

My boyfriend ended up liking this movie! Knew it!

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