Saran Wrap Nail Art (Two-Ways)

4 years ago

Hey All,

I love nail polish, and I also love nail art/designs. Now I`m sure you all have heard of the nail marbling trend that it a few months ago. I have tried it and I don`t like it, it is to messy and quite a hassle to get it perfect with the water, polish, clean up etc.

I love the look of the water marble on your nails, but I wanted something faster and easier to use. So I did some research and found this!

Things you will need for both steps:
Saran Wrap
Base Coat
White Polish
Nail Polish(2-4 colors)
Top Coat

First Way is to take saran wrap and cut it a a square, about the size of your palm, apply base coat, then apply a white base, Next take your choice of nail polish colors and add a good amount of dots on the saran wrap. Take another color and do the same step, just be sure to no mix the two colors.

Now you want to take the saran wrap and fold it in half and gently blend the two colors together, not to much, others you wont be able to see the different colors. Gently pull open the saran and place your nail in the polish and slowly lift up, careful not to smudge them. Apply Top Coat and your done.

Way Number 2: This way is a lot faster than the one above, but both ways give a different look so it depends on your preference. Paint your nails with a desired color as you would normally, let that fully dry, next apply another color on top of that polished nail and let it get just slightly tacky. Take a small square of saran wrap and crumple it up and just dap on top of the wet polish, This lifts up some of the top polish so you are able to see the first color. Apply Top Coat!

It is really super quick and easy to do! Try it!

Sorry for the long post, just trying to get you as much info as possible:)

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