Sarahs outlet shopping! Fashion part!

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This is part 2 of my outlet shopping haul! The beauty (part one) will be linked below :)

So into with my much needed retail therapy shopping for getting over douche lord (ex bf) I did some major fashion hauling. I have enough makeup as it is so I deff needed some new clothes for the spring.
The things that I got were:

Juicy Couture: So the have a juicy couture outlet and I have always wanted to go in there and own something from the brand but I`m always...broke haha. I finally had some money and I treated myself with a little something with all the crap I`m going through. I got myself a necklace. I have ALWAYS wanted a piece of jewelry from there but its so pricey. This necklace was only $50 so I couldn`t pass it up. I love the heart and the pink gems in it. This was deff my favorite purchase I have made!

Guess: I usually never ever go into guess because the prices are way too high (gosh, I sound so cheap haha) but my mom wanted to look around so I went in with her. I saw these cute wallets that were only like 30$ plus and extra 20% off. I gave in haha. I needed a new wallet anyways so I got a white one with the logo on the front. I thought this was the perfect size and really roomy. I also got 2 shirts because one of them was 17$ and the other was 11$. I got it for 50% more. I don`t have any clothes from guess but these 2 shirts wold be super cute to wear around the house or out running errands.

American Eagle: I had planned I wasn`t going in here because I didn`t really need anything...but you know how curious we get and give in easily haha. I got a pair of white skinny jeans because I have seriously been looking for a pair forever! I also got a pink plaid shirt because it was on clearance for 40% off and it was cute so why not lol. Then I got the CUTEST freaking shorts I found on clearance as well. So cute! I can`t wait to wear these in the summer with some heels.
Hoped you liked this! Thanks for reading :)

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