Sara Lee: Chocolate Swirl Bavarian

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

I remember posting up a post about frozen chocolate cake before and saying how it doesn`t look appetising but yet it was really nice. Well that was from the brand Sara lee, i`m sure you`ve all heard of it right?

Well since then i`ve been waiting constantly for them to be on sale. (i have a rule with myself that i only buy junk food or desserts whilst on major sale.. never shall i get it full priced. Just a way of keeping fit lol and saving money at the same time)

So finally they had a $4 off deal YIPPIII i decided to get the one with Chocolate Swirl this time rather than just chocolate.

How does it compare? mh i definitely last the last one more. I`m not a fan of those white chunks that randomly appear, i`m not a huge fan of vanilla.

I also don`t wait til it thaws as they suggest, i like it eat it icy cold and hard just like that - straight out of the freezer.

Have you tried this before?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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