Sanyo Innuendo- No Good :(

Let me tell you about my experience with this phone... I hate my phone! I wish I never would have baught this phone! It is awful! When I purchased this phone of course the sales person assured me it was an awesome phone and I read reviews and people said it was an awesome phone! Well the one I got SUCKED! There is only one major reason I dislike this phone so much and I am going to tell you why right now... This phone has a sensor on it that is supposed to make it to where when its up to your ear the touchscreen locks and buttons can`t be pushed, well this flawed because it goes off and on everytime I use the darn thing which vibrates in my ear and beeps in ear of the person Im talking to. It`s a mess really and I have tried everything to fix it, I have tried manually locking it and programming so the sensor feature is off... No such luck in the end... It just ruined the whole phone for me, afterall whats the point of a phone if you don`t ever want to talk on it right?!? I am on the hunt for a new phone, I prefer prepaid becuase I think they are just a better deal so if any of you have suggestions please leave them in the comments below... Thank you!

***The pictures above were taken by me and are mine***

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