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4 years ago

Sandylion Outlet

Im a super bargain hunter, and I am subscribed to a few emails blasts that let me know about warehouse sales and outlets in the Toronto area. Ive been able to score some great deals going to these outlets and sales.

One of the email blasts keeps mentioning a Sandylion outlet (Sandylion being the sticker company). Its actually really close to where I live, and I drive by the area at least a few times a week. But I kept figuring that there would be nothing really interesting for me there, so I never went.

Last week, I was in the area where I was supposed to pick up my mom but I had an hour to kill before she would be done with her appointment, so I figured, what the hell, Ill go take a look and maybe grab a few items for my little cousins.

Turns out, I ended up finding some stuff for myself, too! The first thing I noticed when I walked in were these huge wall stickers with a beautiful filigree floral design in black and white. They were 99 cents so I grabbed 2! I m thinking of putting them on my closet doors or something :)

I also noticed these teal filigree cutouts that were 2 in a pack and they were only 25 cents!. Im not sure what I will do with these yet, but I figure I can always go back and get more if I decided to do some sort of project with them.... I got them just to see what they were like, and at the end of the day, they only cost a quarter :D

I did also end of finding some things for my baby cousins. They are 2 and 5, and obsessed with the Disney princesses and fairies, so I found some magnets with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on them and little magnets that allow you to change their outfits. I figured they would love these, so I grabbed one of each that they will hopefully share! They also had regular magnets with the princesses showing some attitude that I thought were hilarious. I grabbed some but upon second thought, I think may hold off on giving them to the girls. My 5 year old cousin is very impressionable, and the last thing we need is her going around telling people Kiss my Tiara! without understanding what she means LOL :P Each of the magnet pairs were 2 for 1 dollar

Anyways, I still managed to find other items for them, including temporary tattoos! Both the girls are obsessed with face paint and such so figured these tattoos would be a real hit when I baby sit. And unlike face paint, they dont make a huge mess, and you can always remove them with rubbing alcohol :) The little baggies had 10 sheets for 99 cents and single packs were a quarter each!

I also noticed a bunch of Vancouver Olympics/Team Canada stickers and magnets for 5 cents each! and grabbed a bunch for another one of my little cousins who is obsessed with Team Canada Hockey. I was able to grab so many and it didnt even cost a dollar! (I already gave them to him before I took the picture, but oh well)

All in all, I walked out of there paying under 7 dollars for everything. I know that a lot of these items can be a lot more expensive in stores so I was happy to find some items to make my little cousins smile, as well as some items for myself!

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