SandalMania pt 2

4 years ago

SandalMania: </EM>Wanting to/Buying to many sandals when you already have a gazillion at home.

pt 2. = )

Yes, I did it again!! Well this time it wasn`t so much me buying these the boyfriend bought them for me. We had to make some payments for his sister at the mall (bad idea). I already knew I wanted to go browsing around so I went on my own looking around I told him Id meet him at the car in 1/2 hr because I don`t like that "Lets goo" look he gives me lol...

I did find some boots(post coming up) ---(I know its summer and freakin hoottt lol..) so as I was paying I hurried out the store to meet him. I didn`t want to keep him waiting so I didn`t even pay attentio to anything else.

Well come to find out I ended up having to do the waiting because he took forevere to meet me. I kept calling him and he wouldn`t answer. (Good thing I had the keys, with this heat in chicago I would of been cranky)

He finally shows up and tells me he bought some sandal to add to my overflowing collection...Aren`t these a beauty!!!! He was meeting me at Jcp and seen I was paying so he started browsing and seen these sandals. He said they reminded him of wedding shoes?? (Ummm wedding???) I have no idea how that made sense but hey I shouldn`t complain right????

They were $25.00 at JC Penney a bit too much I think for sandals but they are beautiful.

What do you guys think???

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