San Francisco Rush 2049

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Once again it`s another game review. This one`s called San Francisco Rush 2049. Released in 2000 for both the Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast, you play as yourself in the future San Fransisco in the year 2049 as you compete on several street tracks that take place within the future city itself. Or can play on several stunt tracks to earn points for successful stunts completed.

The game play`s controls are very well thought out for both versions, but work the best for the N64 controls. What sets this game a part in the controls is that you can actually steer your car in mid-air (to a point) with little wings. You can preform stunts or glide your car down to a "safe" landing. Graphics are probably some of the best you`ll ever find for a racing game on the N64 or the Dreamcast. Some of the most detailed car models and tack designs for this day could be found on this game. San Francisco Rush 2049 also took advantage of the N64`s Expansion pack and made the details even further refined. Sounds were also very well done. The N64 and Dreamcast`s soundtracks however were very different, both containing songs made to that specific version of the game on each console. There really is no story to the game as you just race on tracks against computer AI or on multi-player with friends and rivals, or play on the stunt tracks, in which you earn points for completing difficult stunt maneuvers. The highly competitive nature of the game and the gorgeous graphics, sounds and music makes this game one of the best, if not THE best, racing game on the N64 and Deamcast. But the game isn`t without its faults. The main fault is that the game takes up so much space on the cartage and CD, that there`s no room for save files. Thus you need the N64`s unique external memory cartage that plugs into the back of the controller and the for the Dreamcast you needed its one of a kind memory card. But if you did have them this game was one of the best.

All in all I thought this game was great. I still play it form time to time..... even though I myself don`t have the external N64 memory cartage. (meaning I have to start the game from the very beginning every time). But if you `re looking for a great racing game from the early 2000`s to play, this is the best one you can get. I highly recommend it!

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