San Francisco Creamery`s Kitchen Sink Sundae

5 years ago

If you`ve ever heard of the San Francisco Creamery, then you`ve more than likely heard of this monstrosity known as "THE KITCHEN SINK".

My birthday recently passed (in December. that`s still recent, right? lol) and my family and I all went to the San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek (CA) after dinner for dessert and we ordered this Goliath of a sundae. It has all the classic fixings of a tradition sundae times 8. Literally. You get your choice of 8 ice cream scoops and 8 toppings, plus whip cream, nuts and cherries. For the whole shebang it costs $39.95 + tax.

They also have a contest where if you can finish the whole thing within an hour, you get free ice cream for a year. Considering how good their ice cream is (I always get mint cookies and cream), I`d say it was worth it. LOL

*fun fact* Adam Richman from the Food Network attempted the challenge and you can see his picture on their wall if you ever decide to visit.

Do you think you could win the challenge?

*pictures are mine. please do not steal*

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