Samsung S5?!

3 years ago

Smartphones becoming a real heartbreaker now a days.
Its also sad how SocialMedia & Smartphones are second nature to a lot of us.

Personally, its getting to the point that all smartphones are turning into `dumb phones` What do I mean by that? Basically, its like a car. You can own a 1990s car and take care of it and use it on a regular, but once its been hit or scratched its hard to restore it. Thats how cellphones are. Lets compared the old Blackberry cell phones to the recent ones. Chargers use to be usb and newer ones are micro usb. Look at iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, its becoming less likely to find a 30pin charger than a 10 pin charger.
Do you see where I`m going with this?

If you do, (even if you don`t) Samsung is coming out with another Galaxy series. the S5. Honestly, I am an Apple user. I will stick with iPhones. But this new phone coming out, really?

I have used android system phones before in the past, and my dad used one too and we came to conclusion about these types of phones. My roommate has a S2 and she hates it too.

Lets get to my point.

-Bigger screen, can`t deny it. its close to a tablet size and you can see the words clear.
-features, mostly, all apps in the store are free. thats what I heard
-every year newer model, bigger screen
-no storage control (16BG,32GB,63GB system)
-add memory
-battery life, the more higher qualities a smart phone has the more your battery life is lowered
-this is true: (unless you have maintained a good level of your phone) starts off very fast near a year of having the phone gets slower
-if you hold a lot of pictures and music, the slower the phone

Honestly, Im just tried of hearing the new new. I know there is a new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C and honestly, I don`t care unless Im close to getting a new phone. This apparently is countering the iPhone. And I know people are tech crazy and I was one of them. I realized there is more to worry about. But I wanted to share this.

What are your personal thoughts of smartphones in general?

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