Samsung NX11 - Accessible dSLR and Your Thoughts on It

5 years ago

I have been looking into dSLR because I would like to get more into photography and even though im not planning to get one now because they are not the most accessible cameras and im still using an older dSLR to learn some more basic stuff, I always had the plan to get one in the future and when I get more money to spend on one.
Yesterday while looking around a store i saw this camera and it caught my eye because its small, dSLR, it has a different feature that is a button on the lenses that allow to easily change the settings and it was cheaper than other dSLR at 399.
Its the Samsung NX11 and it has 14MP, changeable lenses and it records HD, so it seems to have all you could ask for on a camera ( or almost) but the fact that the price is lower than the other ones It makes me wonder if it is actually any good.
I had always thought of getting a Canon one if I ever get the chance to because have a good impression of canon cameras but considering the price of this one this would be a cheaper alternative.

So, im requesting a help from the Samsung NX10/NX11 owners or the photographers from LUUUX:
<strong>1-What do you think of this camera? Is it any good?
2-What camera do you use? Do you have a dSLR?</strong>

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