Samsung LG Display processes for OLED patents

The patent war goes to red, and design and other wars, now LG and Samsung are at war on the OLED, organic light emitting panels.

Who goes with this news is the South Korean news agency, the Yonhap News. According to the agency, the case was brought during the day in South Korea by Samsung.

The goal of this process is brought by Samsung that are canceled 7 patents of LG Display, a subsidiary of LG eletronics, related OLED screen, for lack of innovation.

According to the agency, this will be a response to the case brought by LG in September, where he accuses Samsung of infringing seven patents in OLED devices from LG Galaxy, requesting the suspension of sales of Galaxy devices like the Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note .

Both manufacturers are producing screens for their "own consumption" or sales to third parties. More recently, LG began producing screens for smartphones 5 inches with full HD resolution, the Samsung is being pointed for the production of screens similar to the beginning of the year.

In terms of patent wars, Samsung is one of the most "active" are multi-process with multiple manufacturers, Apple being the most famous, with wins for both parties.

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