Samsung is counting Galaxy and S III may be announced tomorrow

Riddler on Twitter leads to mysterious site that counts the seconds until day 23.

Chances are that the highly anticipated Galaxy S III is announced on Monday (23), contradicting the official event scheduled for May 3. The Samsung did a mysterious post on his official Twitter account and the German site All About Samsung unveiled the charade. The word "tgeltaayehxnx" posted is actually a site where there is a countdown to 23 days.

Although at first sight, "tgeltaayehxnx" does not make much sense, just put into practice their knowledge of anagrams and you will have the phrase "The Next Galaxy."

The page contains only the time remaining until the timing mark on April 23. With such simplicity, it is impossible to resist the temptation to discover possible secrets digging through your source code.

The site AndroidCommunity already hinted: there, on this page, a file called "startup-retina.png." The word "retina" in itself leaves room for speculation. Does a screen with a resolution similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S is coming?

Also, hidden in the source code is the phrase "Discover how Samsung is about to challenge the way you view the Galaxy once more" (Find out how Samsung is about to challenge the way in which you see the Galaxy once again in free translation).

The company keeps secret what actually happens tomorrow. However, given the tips and the rumors on the web, it is quite likely that the Galaxy S III give the guys. Count the seconds and stay tuned: tomorrow is new in the area!

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