Samsung Galaxy S4 rumored to early 2013

4 years ago

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Even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 is relatively new, the launch of Iphone 5 made Samsung get a step ahead in the competition that has been growing between it and Apple.
Rumors are that the new Galaxy S4 will be presented in February 2013 in the Mobile World Congress, and start being sold as early as MARCH 2013!

Of course, these are just rumors, but if they`re true, Samsung is set for a huge success with the new phone, since Apple doesn`t risk much in hardware/software advances, while Samsung innovates in each phone. Selling a new top-brand gadget only 6 months after the main competitor, with huge improvements over Apple`s Iphone 5 would set Samsung far past Apple.

Do you think the rumors are true? Or Samsung is just trying to "disturb" Apple`s new gadget sells?

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