Samsung Galaxy S3 Review!

4 years ago

I was a little on the fence about it at first. But not because I doubted the hardware.
After getting the Galaxy S II for review purposes last year (yeah, I really love my job) , I was turned into a Galaxy fangirl, and after reading a couple of articles on the S III, I knew it was going to be solid phone.
The reason why I teetered over this decision was due to the availability of the different versions of the device.
It comes in both 16 GB and 32 GB internal memory capacities.

After scouring the interwebs for an answer of when the 32 GB was going to be sold in stores came to a dead-end, I decided I would just get the 16 GB now and put in a 32 GB microSD card later.
(And perhaps kick myself in the arse at a later date.)
Normally, I wouldnt have such an issue ordering the phone from the website, however, there was a very tricky and interesting problem that needed to be sorted out.
Something that could only have been done on site at a store.
And with San Diego Comic Con coming up, a straight busted HTC Hero, and Galaxy S II with a shattered screen, I needed something stat.
Something right now.

So I did it! I mosied on over to the Sprint store and got my shit sorted out. And apparently walked out with the last phone they had in stock that day.
Luckily that phone happened to be in the Marble White color as opposed to the Pebble Blue.
(Seriously, call me boring, but I would have been happy with Space Black.)

And I even made the salespersons day by grabbing a screen protector and case in the transaction.
No more sad, shattered Galaxy screens for me.

I promptly installed my Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite and Instagram apps and dabbled with some of the pre-installed ones on the phone.
S Memo is a Samsung memo app that came installed and allows you to doodle and draw, as well as save text notes, add pictures, whatever!
I could see that being a handy place to store notes while Im on the go.
The other app I toyed with is Flipboard and I freaking love this thing.
It allowed me to set up different topics to follow, import my Facebook and Twitter feeds, and add various gaming news sites to what they call my Social Magazine.
And its all completely streamlined.
Sharing an awesome article I discovered it to Twitter or Facebook is a snap and Im so happy to have it as a part of my on-the-go workflow.

If you happen to have a favorite Android application you think I should check out, feel free to leave a comment below!

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