Samsung Galaxy S3: Is It Really That Good? Comparison to Xperia 10

4 years ago

My dad recently upgraded from his Xperia X10 Smartphone to one of the most waited phones on the market right now, the Samsung Galxy S3. I liked it quite a lot, and I use it quite often and I see him using it, but when he told me the price of it, I got blown away because of how expensive it was.

Yes, it does have Quad Band and Voice, which is like Siri, and a hell- load of other stuff, but I`m really starting to consider if it is really that good.

The only big difference from his Xperia and the S3 is that the S3 screen is much bigger, but lighter, which I really like, as you can see everything clearly, play games better and the keys when your typing are bigger. The graphics are also much brighter and more fun. The layout of the phone is the usual Android smartphone layout and the camera isn`t better at all. Also the `Voice` is really annoying. It never usderstands what I am saying, eve though I have a clear English accent. The questions you ask it must be very simple as well, unlike Siri on iPhone, which bugs me. Another annoying thing is the speacial feature which is when you are texting a person, you can lift up the phone up to your ear, which pretty much never works for me, and just stays the same, and sometimes it calls without me wanting to which really questions how good this phone is.

I would give it an 8.5/10, for not needed features that are very sensitive. Don`t get me wrong, I still think this phone is beautiful and great, but it`s not as good as I thought it to be.

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