Samsung Galaxy S III Phone: Sees, Hears amp Replies

Samsung has stepped up it`s game on the <Strong>Samsung Galaxy S III</strong>! This phone is now unveiled, not only does it have a large screen, quad core processor, good quality camera but the phone can see, hear and reply to you! That`s more than what the iPhone 4S`s Siri offer!

4.8 inch Display
1280x720 Resolution
1.4 GHZ quad core processor with 1 GB or Rab
8 MP Rear Camera (1080P HD video recording)
1.9 MP Front Camera
Expandable microSD slot
Android 4.0

What this phone can do that the iPhone 4S can`t?

This Sally Galaxy S III`s camera, mic and phone will try to understand you. The iPhone 4S`s voice is called SIRI but in Samsung World, it`s called "S VOICE" very similar eh? No idea what`s the reason of "S" but anyway, speak to S VOICE as if it`s a real person and listens/responds quickly too. Example of tasks that can be done: manage schedule, send text messages/e-mails, take pictures for you and so forth. As a matter of seeing you.. the phone can see you for example if you set your alarm clock instead of unlocking your phone you can use your face and the phone will detect it to turn off.

Want to learn more information/detailed specs, read the source link below.

<strong>What do you think about the new Samsung Galaxy S III? More high tech than the iPhone 4S?</strong> The new Samsung is pretty impressive! Maybe this phone will be in the Luuux shop in the future. This phone releases May 29 in Europe and 10 days later world wide. =)

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