Samsung Ch@t 335 - My Review

5 years ago

To replace the previous LG viewty my mom has, i picked this Samsung Ch@t 335 that is currently in a promotion with reduced price here. When it was released i believe it was around 90 or 100 and now is at 59.90.
I had some doubts between this and other phone but the samsung seems to have a better OS and its a more reliable brand.

I think the phone looks great in white (not so much in other colors though) and offers great features for the price.
From the phone you can expect :

<li type=circle><strong>Wifi - </strong></li>Even though its not the best phone to surf the web, you can visit some webpages without much problems and see emails but it doesn`t work well with some pages but for the price its a nice feature.

<li type=circle><strong>2 MP camera - </strong></li>It has a 2MP that actually takes nice photos, but unfortunately it lacks of autofocus and flash. In the photo department its a downgrade from the viewty that took awesome pictures

<li type=circle><strong>Qwerty keyboard - </strong></li>The qwerty keyboard is great for texts and very nice to type on. This is one of the main reasons that i wanted her to change the phone because the viewty touchscreen was very bad and impossible to use.

<li type=circle><strong>Optical trackpad - </strong></li>Now this is also something that sets the phone apart, especially considering the price. It has a optical trackpad like you find in Blackberry phones. I do think the trackpad is too sensitive, even after putting the sensitive to the lowest setting but its very nice to use.

<li type=circle><strong>Nice interface - </strong></li>Even though it doesn`t have a super nice OS like Android or anything like that, the Samsung proprietary OS is very complete and allows a good level of personalization, from fonts to qwerty shortcuts.

<li type=circle><strong>The phone is super light -</strong></li> I couldn`t believe how light the phone was, you even forget you have it in your hands lol

<li type=square><strong>What was on the box:</strong></li>
- Phone ( of course lol)
- Earphones with mic
- USB Cable
- Charger
- User manual

<strong>They didn`t include a memory card </strong>and even though it was not a big issue since the previous card fits in this phone, a lot of manufactures already include a card with the phone and Samsung could have done the same.

<strong>Overall, </strong>its a great phone and i think it was worth the price. Even though it loses to the previous viewty in camera, its much more easy to use and to type on ( every time i used that LG i got so angry because the touchscreen didn`t work well at all).

<strong>What do you think of this phone? Do you have one?
What phone do you have? Touchscreen, qwerty or regular keypad?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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