Samsung beats Apple in court.

4 years ago

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Well this ended like I thought it would. A South Korean Judges ruled that Samsung did not copy Apples iPhone or iOS style. Instead both companies are guilty of copying one another thus canceling out Apple`s claim. Apple was ordered to play $35,300 American in damages to Samsung, while Samsung was ordered to pay $22,000 American in damages. The $35,300 Apple was ordered to pay is in 2 patient violations against Samsung and the $22,000 Samsung had to pay was for 1 patient violation towards Apple.

This is what I was expecting to happen. Apple`s claim was frivolous from the start. And if they did win any money it wouldn`t be more than $50,000 American. And I was right. But in fact Apple lost money in this. Having to pay out more than Samsung had to. Now let`s hope Apple has learned its lesson and tries to beat Samsung in the market, not in the court room. Though I want Samsung to compete just as hard. Without competition like this prices for just one smartphone would skyrocket.
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