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4 years ago

No this is not a promotional thing, no raving no sponsor post! It`s only to explain how I get my little sample from Aveda.
Usually here in Italy samples aren`t easy to achieve not for sure like the ones in the USA or from somewhere countries! I don`t know why but here companies has really closed intentions to get people their products to try to see eventually if they love them at the point of buying them.
Anyway Aveda sometimes leave the opportunity to try their stuff if you are registered to their website and in occasion of their new launched products (which make sense for me and I respect that) if you sign and get the print of their coupon you can go to some particular salons and get you free sample of product. They are very nice most of the times but sometimes they gets really nasty especially if you only go there for the samples like I usually do, because getting the hair done from these salon it`s very expensive.
Normally those samples aren`t full of products and beside the 10ml of bottle you can only have 1 or 2 ml...maybe they used them from their clients and if somebody go there to get them they leave whatever they left...very unfair and now how can I buy a product just after one trial? How can I see if it`s any good or if their claims are true? Those amounts of product left in the sample is barely useful to see if the product give a bad reaction...but it`s way to little ....

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