Sample: AVEDA Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

4 years ago

I recently got this sample from an Aveda salon because they try to promote their stuff.
I haven`t try it yet because I have such fine hair that in case some product makes them dirt I had to rewash sooner than normal and I don`t want to expose my hair to excess hot.
This product claim to repair your hair of 26% which for me is can a product can do that? At least the hair product can make hair look nicer but believe that exist something in the world that can repair something dead, for me is very strange.
I`m always curious by this line because I heard great stuff on it but it`s also very expensive and that makes me want stay away from it..I sometimes receive samples but I accumulate waiting to finishing all my loved or bought shampoos.
This Aveda line also claims to be made with natural product which makes it more interesting.
This product from Aveda gives high espectations but I always think that it`s impossible that a product can improve for ever or at least repair your hair..I think that when they are ruined I had to cut and wait that they will grow again that`s what I believe...anyway I receveid this sampe from an Aveda salon and I was almost forced to try it in order to leave space in my drawer. It` really nice and it`s light so I didn`t feel too much effort using it ...If a product didn`t ruined my hair or make them feeling greasy, even if it didn`t do nothing...that`s ok for me to use it..

As I already said if you read my posts, I`m not a big fan of putting hair product after the wash but when I want to finish product without trow them full I need to at least try.

I think that Aveda product are nice and it`s always less worried try them than drugstore product...because they claimed to have natural ingredients in it.

I didn`t know how to use it at first ...I mean it`s a prep for the style or what but I decided to use it this way...after the wash..also because they write on the bottle that it hasn`t be washed.and I find it very very nice and it makes my hair shiny and not greasy. It`s a daily treatment full of protein which I`m so skeptical about but I still use it..I also heard from essiebutton that use too much protein in your hairs isn`t good.

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