Samantha Brick quotMost beautiful Womanquot debate

5 years ago

So, I don`t know if any of you ladies really payed attention to this story but basically, this Samantha Brick is a writer for The Daily Mail, she has claimed she is so beautiful it is taking over her life. Now, You really need to read the article to decide but there`s a pic of her above ^^ and I`ll just tell you a bit of what she has said and what I think. Some of the claims Ms. Brick has made are
"I am so attractive, men get out of taxis, give up there seat for me, then insist they pay my fayre" "Men always tell me put that credit card away, you are too beautiful to by your own champagne".
Now, personally, I believe it is important to love yourself, just don`t shout it from the rooftops and be conceited about it. The only part of Ms Brick`s article I can relate to is when she says how horrible females can be to eachother and it`s unfair blah blah, YES it is unfair but instead of giving up jobs and letting bitchy comments rule your life, just get on with it samantha! Yes, that`s right she gave up a job because of a jealous boss! I think she needs to stop believing she is gods gift to women most importantly. Thought I would make a post on this, cos everybody seems to have an opinion on this lady!

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