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*MY PICTURE!!* HELLO EVERYONE. I just feel the URGE AND NEED to type in ALL CAPS LOCK for this post. hahahahaha. But I won`t.. because oh man, it really bothers me when people do that because in my head, it`s as if I`m screaming as I read.. Sorry for that tangent that has nothing to do with this post.

I had to go to the post office yesterday (closest one is at the mall) so I decided to do a little WINDOW shopping after. I walked into Nordstrom Rack because I love their shoe selection! & I have super tiny feet and they actually sell sizes 4-5 unlike other stores that start at a 6. Yes, I have baby feet and I actually usually wear kids` shoes except for heels!

WELL, I`ve been eyeing Sam Edelman`s "spiked" heels/shoes for quite a while now. My friend was able to purchase the Roza`s (closed toe version of the Lorissa) for about $95 dollars which is quite a steal. WELL, I WALKED OVER AND NOT ONLY DID I SEE ROZAS ON SALE FOR $129, BUT I ALSO FOUND THESE!! THE LORISSA PUMPS FOR ONLY $74.90!!!! Isn`t that crazy?! They`re usually 200 dollars!! I can`t believe they got marked down that much! I grabbed both pairs of Roza`s and Lorissa`s in a size 6. I find that Sam Edelman shoes run a tad bit smaller because size 6 shoes are usually loose on me! Actually, the Lorissa shoe is larger than the Roza. I fit the Roza perfectly, but the Lorissa had less than an inch gap at the back of my foot/heel. Even though the Lorissa was a little bit loose, I didn`t care because I figured I`d just find a way to make it fit (like add a heel backing thingy lol). I walked around the store with both boxes in my arms while I called my friend. I couldn`t stop blabbering and she told me to buy it because it was such a good deal that she`s never seen before! I knew that if it was possible to get the Roza`s for much cheaper, I`d let them go and I just purchased the Lorissa`s. I AM SO GLAD I DID BECAUSE THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE, GLAMOROUS, AND EDGY! Check out your Nordstrom (online) and Bloomingdales (online) or Nordstrom Rack (in stores) to see if they have these in your size for a great price, too!!!!!!

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