Salvaging Native Flavors, Abroad

5 years ago

While the young and the middle-aged population in India argues against the popular notion of avoiding western casuals such as a jeans and a top on a pious occasion, like a wedding, their counterparts belonging to the Indian community in a Western metropolitan like NYC will make sure that they don the richest and the heaviest of traditional sarees, sherwanis, and jewelry to even, a birthday party within the community.

Fashion remains a widely used medium to socialize for the countrys native population settled in NYC. Purchasing traditional designer garments is one of the most common excuses for Indians to meet up, and befriend new members, in order to expand their community, and feel more at home. Friendship portals on the net are used as the introduction platform, where a trip to purchase a couple of sarees, or a few pieces of silk sherwanis, is what is takes to befriend an Indian, and quickly measure the persons interest in ethnic fashion, and in everything from his or her motherland.

Now, levels of excitement at such meetings largely, vary with age-groups of both the parties. Personal experiences explain and aptly hint at the kind of situation that arises, when the new friends are young or on the verge of tying the marital knot. In such cases, a sarees shopping trip is rarely, planned out to a huge retail outlet in Lexington, Manhattan or Jackson Heights. Instead, young women would meet up somewhere outside, and head straight to one of their residences, to shop online, along with along all the steamy gossips, and information-exchanges regarding the most eligible and handsome young Indian bachelors around.

On the other hand, when married mothers meet up, as they do quite often, to oar away loneliness in a foreign metropolitan, most of their conversation generally revolve around their attempts to infuse as much traditionalism as possible in their families, otherwise, totally exposed to trends and ways of the West. From ethnic designer sarees to traditional artifacts, and Bollywood, whos got what, and what should be the next purchase or film are some of the necessary ingredients of such conversations.

Festivals also play a major role in bringing together new and existing members of the society. Each and every festival witnesses a gathering comprising natives, irrespective of the religion they belong to, back at home. Out there, it is only the nationality that matters, the festivals being platforms for all national from the subcontinent to get together. Designer, and ethnic Indian sarees, embroidered kurtis, and chic sherwani, suits and pajamas, together lend towards creating an ambience, more traditional than any Indian can ever feel back at home, where the population is dying to go Western, even in the most auspicious of traditional occasions.

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