Salt Made From Human Tears

4 years ago

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies invented a line of salt products, all infused with real human tears.

The weirdness doesn`t stop there. There are specific categories of tears. Tears from anger, sadness, happiness are all separated into different jars. The company even offers tears from chopping onions and sneezing! I can`t imagine someone collecting my tears as I am crying from laughter or chopping onions. So strange.

The collected tears are boiled, and then put into crystallization tanks. Inside, the tears become salt. Lastly, the salts are harvested and rinsed in brine.

For $50, you can buy salt made from tears! I would NEVER use this. Even though it`s probably sanitary because it`s been boiled.. I just can`t bring myself to season my eggs with HUMAN tears.

- Would you use salt mixed with human tears?
- Do you think this is cool or freaky?

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