Salon Express Nail Stamper Review

3 years ago

Salon Express Review
Im sure many of you have heard and seen a variety of nail stamping tools on the market. The most popular name is definitely Konad, but they are other options as well like Bundle Monster or other no name plates you can find on Ebay and the like.
One relatively inexpensive option is the Salon Express Kit you can find at Walmart or even some drug stores. I bought mine at Rite Aid on a trip to the US for around 10 dollars. It comes with 5 plates with different designs and a double ended stamping tool needed to transfer the designs.
Ive watched a few nail stamping tutorials online so I decided to try it out. I know that there are special nail polishes meant exclusively for stamping, but Ive also heard that regular polishes can work just as well if you work quickly enough.
The first time I tried the stamper, I used the Wet and Wild Wild Shine polish you can sorta see in the picture. I followed the instructions to the letter, but I couldnt get the polish to pick up onto the rubber stamper! After trying a half dozen times, I gave up. I thought that maybe because the polish is a shimmery polish, the consistency wasnt ideal for stamping. Next I grabbed a crème white polish instead. I still had the same problem with the stamper not being able to pick up the polish. I watched a few more videos but none of them really helped me out.
I then googled the Konad polishes to see what makes them so special for stamping and found out that they are VERY thick and do not dry quickly. As an experiment, I decided to do the opposite of what the youtube tutorials were telling me, and work really slowly! I let the polish sit on the design plate for a minute or so, until it got thicker and almost dry. I then scraped it, and was finally able to pick up the design onto the stamper and transfer it to my nails! However, the design was really faint and you could barely see it, unless you were super close.
Overall, I havent had much success with these. I find it easier to use a dotting tool to create designs or maybe try some nail stickers. Im going to keep trying with different polishes and experiment a little but as of now, this product is a bust for me .
I may look into buying stamping polishes, IF I can find them for a good price... Do you guys have any tips for that?

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