Salmon Cream

4 years ago

This time, i have to write about this fish cream that i just discovered in my local store. It`s from salmon which is like the healthiest among the fishes, and it`s in a creme form. With that being sad, this does mean that has more unnecessary not-so-good ingredients in it, but i just really like it.
I`ve never been a fan of fish creams, or other types of cremes that you put on bread but this time this one captured me. It has a very interesting taste to it that i haven never tasted before, it`s sweet yet salty, fishy kind of taste.
I really like it, i would recommend checking it out, but i am almost sure that it`s not available everywhere so i can`t say you have to try it.
The color of it is also not very common, it`s almost like orange. But i guess since the salmon has a similar tint, it`s reasonable why this is its color.

Do you like fish cremes on bread? What`s your favorite?

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