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You guys know me - I don`t usually like SUPER BRIGHT colors like neon yellows, oranges and lime greens. It`s just not my thing and I have always thought of them to be too "in your face", so I don`t ever really wear those colors.

But I know alot of people really like neon, bright colors like this one! So I decided to give you guys the scoop about this nail polish. It`s called "Lightning" from Sally Hansen`s "Insta-Dry" collection. This neon "sunshine" yellow nail polish is very opaque, so I suggest using 2 coats (that should get the job done!).

This nail polish is like most other neon, bright yellow polishes, but the thing that really stands out to me with this nail polish - is that it drys super quick. It`s also very smooth and super easy to apply. Alot of other neon yellows can be rough and rigidy and difficult to apply. Also, alot of other neon yellows can be a bit sheer and streaky which is NOT GOOD at all.

Luckily, this polish has it all when it comes to neons. Opaque, not streaky, easy to apply, smooth, dries fast and lasts long. Yep, this polish sure does last quite a while. On average, it lasts up to 4 days without chipping (awesome!).

Overall, even though I don`t like neons, this polish has all the great things it needs in order for it to be a succesful one - and I know alot of people are struggling to find a polish like that!

Anyways, now I have some questions for you guys...

1. Do you like neons?
2. What is your favorite neon?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)
Photo by Chloe`s Nails.
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