Sally Hansen: Triple Strong

4 years ago

This is a product that made it into my Favorites for the month of August. It is Sally Hansen`s Triple Strong Nail Fortifier. My nails are extremely soft and prone to bending and breaking. I have tried a dozen and ten different methods and some help but not seem to be enough. I have really put this product to the test and can now swear by it. I decided to try this out as my base coat under every manicure. I was previously using Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (most of the time). That works very well, too, but this is....well...triple the strength! I had slammed my finger while cooking and the corner split. It was still attached but could completely bend down and would eventually break. I typically would have to pull it off and file it down. I decided I was going to remove my polish carefully and mend the area with this. I first applied some, concentrated on the topside and underneath of my nail where the split was. Then I went back and applied it as I would a normal coat of polish or basecoat, across the entire nail bed. I also make sure I get under the free edge of my nail to add even more strength. Doing this, I managed to keep the nail completely intact at that corner until it grew out long enough for me to do my routine filing down of all nails. Not only did it stay attached, though, when I had two coats of this on my nails and then my regular polish, my nails FELT strong. I could push quite forcefully on that corner and it wouldn`t flex at all. To me that was the true test for this product. If it can maintain a broken area of my nail and give it strength, it surely can help with my nails on a normal basis! So, I have been using this as my only base coat now. I love it! It does cost a bit more than the Hard as Nails or Hard as Wraps, but I have never come across anything that works as well as this. It cost me about $5.00 at my grocery store. I`m sure this has been around for a while, but I can`t recall ever seeing it. Maybe I just never paid much attention to it since it isn`t in an eye-catching, snazzy bottle. The green coloring reminds me of a vintage medicine or something. As much as I have enjoyed my Hard as Nails, I think Sally Hansen will be getting my money through their Triple Strong product. I would have to use at least 3-4 coats of Hard as Nails to get the same strength from one coat of the Triple Strong. OH, and mentioning that... the consistency of this isn`t thick or gloopy at all as you might think. It is the same consistency as their Hard as Nails. This is a nail product that really gets me excited. I 100% recommend this. Even if you have average or strong nails, this stuff can`t hurt as extra reinforcement! I`ve already told my mother she HAS to buy this stuff because she works with her hands all day and can never get her nails to grow. They snap and break before they get long. I told her this stuff would help her out.
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