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4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers!

Today I wanted to share my nail of the day and do a review on the Sally Hansen Nail Strips.

So firstly, I picked these up yesturday and was dying to try them out. So today I could not help myself and decided to apply them to my nails.

So I got the pattern `Skinny Jeans`. I love this pattern because in real life it looks just like real denim! I do like all of the patterns these come in and give them a thumbs up on that point of things.

When I opened the package, I`m sure you all know (if you have ever tried them) that they come with an emery board, a wooden cuticle stick, the instructions, and the two packages of nail strips. (comes with 16 strips).

Before you apply them you should wipe your nails down with nail polish remover to insure that there are no signs of oil or dirt. This will make your manicure last a lot longer. Next you should file your nails and buff them with the buffer available on the emery board. Now you are ready to apply the strips to your nails.

Start by select the strips that will best fit each of your nails. Dont worry if there is not a perfect fit for each nail as you can alter them after.

Carefully apply to each nail, smoothing and filing off the excess strips. I found that the actual application was easier then I thought it would be when I first looked at the kit. Make sure to smooth and press each of the strips firmly onto your nails, especially the edges and by your cuticles. Filing off the excess is very easy as well. Once you have filed them down they should easily pull off.

This procedure did take quite a while but, in order to have a nice end result, you must be willing to put in the time and effort to achieve a beautiful manicure.

For me it took about 45 minutes, from the point I opened the packaging, to after I had cleaned up my area. So not that long but you must be patient in order to apply them.

I believe that these will fit and work on every nail type. But it might be a little bit harder to file off the ends if you have short nails. So what I recommend to anyone who has short nails would be that you use the pointed end of the cuticle pusher, that they supply, and use that to poke/cut off the excess, instead of filing it.

After I was done I did apply a top coat. (I didn`t however, apply a base coat, as it would not stay on as long). This will make the strips stay on a lot longer and prevent chipping.

I was happy with the outcome and will see if they last long as they do claim on the box, that they last up to 10 days. We`ll see!

I love this product, and will definitely be trying out other designs. The only thing that I would say I am disapointed in would be the price. I dont think that these should be $9.99. I say this because, yes, they do include the emery board and cuticle pusher, but, they only supply you with 16 strips, which I think is quite dumb. I think that it would be worth it if they gave you 20 strips. (But, its a way of making money) Too bad.

So I like this product and would probably give it a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Have you tried these nail strips?
Do you like them?

**Photos are mine, do not use them**

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