Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color!

4 years ago

I recently got to try out the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color free and complimentary through the Influenster Voxbox program! I was so happy to try out this product for I had heard and seen things about magnetic nail polishes before but had never tried one myself!

The way this product works is the big cap comes off and is actually a magnet that is included with the product. Also, the nail polish has been developed with magnetic particles in it. In order to get the effect, you have to apply two coats of the nail polish, hold the magnet for ten seconds over your nail, remove the magnet and see the gorgeous 3d effect that you now have!

The color I got was 905 Red-y-Response which is a gorgeous purple shade as you can see in the pictures above. I found that the magnetic concept of this nail polish wasn`t hard to understand at all - even being the newbie that I was with this type of product! If you`re iffy about it, thinking its a hassle or that it`s hard you should really give it a go because not only is it super easy but it doesn`t take long at all. The effect that you get looks so cool and complex yet I had the gorgeous look in no time which I know is something you busy bees look for!

I noticed a few things when trying out this product. First off you really do have to apply a good coat because the less opaque you have it on your nails, the less potent the effect will be. Second, the longer you wait to put the magnet over the polish, the effect will be less noticeable or maybe not even work. So apply a generous amount and quickly use the magnet for the best look and don`t forget to keep it on there for a good 10 seconds!

You can use this product on all of your nails of course and have a really cool looking manicure. However, you can also use these as accent nails on your ring finger too which also gives a really cute look! No matter how I go about it, I can see myself using these A LOT in the future!

As far as the wear goes, I don`t think chipping is an issue at all when it comes to this product. And if you want to be safe anyways you can apply a top coat to also give a shinier look! This wasn`t difficult to remove either which is something I always look for in polishes! All in all this product gives a really awesome effect and is way user friendly so I can see myself purchasing many more in the future!

Sally Hansen is a huge brand that is available almost anywhere. If you`re familiar at all with drugstores, food stores and the makeup they have you`ll know that you can find Sally Hansen almost anywhere. So, if you`re interested in trying out this awesome product and getting the cool effect for yourself, it is very easily accessible and is an inexpensive $9.99 for such an interesting product. I definitely give two thumbs up and say try it!

All pictures used are my own! :)
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