Sally Hansen Lustre Shine: Lava

4 years ago

After tons of posts featuring this polish I had to buy it. I have been wanting to wear it for over a week now but have been trying to do Halloween manicures before the date passed. I couldn`t hold off any longer. The bottle has been sitting on my nail table/station each time I change my manicure and has been begging to be worn. I`m weak. I admit this. This stunning polish is none other than the extremely hyped Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava! It sure is beautiful, but it also comes with a hefty price tag, considering it is still a drugstore brand. This rather small 0.33 fluid oz bottle cost me just over $9.00. ::FAINT!:: I don`t even spend that much on my OPI, Zoya, and Essies! I have heard some retailers have slightly lower prices, but still pretty high compared to other polishes. I`m not at all a fan of that. For the price reason, I don`t think I`ll buy any of the others from this collection. If I had a coupon or a good sale, maybe. This polish is girly yet feisty. It is metallic foil particles that flash orange and pinks. Maybe it is just because of the name Lava, but I do visualize flames and heat with this color. I think my mental images have been tainted, though, because another image I see is a fairy... and I`m assuming that is because I have heard this polish compared to MAC Bad Fairy. All around, though, I don`t get the feeling of fall leaves like so many others. I`ve heard/read numerous opinions that say they feel this is spot on like autumn leaves. I can see where they`re coming from, but I don`t get a solid fall feeling with it. I think this can easily be worn all year round. When I look at this polish, I get the feeling of something mystical, whimsical , innocent yet not timid, spirited, and perhaps a bit mischievous. This polish just has spunk and personality, I suppose! It has instantly become a favorite in my collection. The way I am wearing it here is layered. I wanted to get the most punch out of it that was possible. I have 2 coats of Sally Hansen Triple Strong, 1 coat of Sally Hansen Black Out, 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lava, and 1 coat of Seche Vite. I think the black really allowed Lava to shine and be the attention whore she is. Formulation wasn`t bad for me. I know others have experienced a thickening as they used it. I, so far, haven`t noticed this. Perhaps it is just because my bottle is still fresh and new. Time will tell. I could definitely see, however, that it isn`t opaque in its layers. I think you`d need 3-4 coats for a solid, opaque manicure if you were just to use this. That is another reason I wanted to layer the black under it. Despite the price tag, the polish itself gets a solid thumbs up from me.
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