Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure?

5 years ago

Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure?

So as most of you may already know, one of the latest trends in nail polish is flakies. For many, it started off with Sally Hansens Hidden Treasure (followed by Nubar 2010, Essie Shine of the Times and Finger Paint Flakie collection). Both Hidden Treasure and Nubar 2010 are near impossible to find at this point. Apparently, some places still have the Fingerpaints collection, though I havent had any luck finding it, and in the meanwhile, Shine of the times is flying off shelves.

I jumped on the flakie trend a little late, but I was recently on the hunt and was able to luckily score a bottle of Essies Shine of the Times. You can read about my search in my post here...

While on this hunt, I stopped by Walmart since I knew they carried some Essie products. After striking out I decided to check out the Sally Hansen display even though I knew Hidden Treasure was long gone. So colour me shocked when the first polish in the display said Hidden Treasure!!! For a second I though the nail polish gods had spoken to me and I snatched up the bottle. But as soon as I had it in my hands, I knew something was off. This didnt look like Hidden Treasure, and when I tested a little patch on my nail, I knew this wasnt the flakie polish I was looking for.

I was very upset and wasnt sure what was going on. Now I have never seen Hidden Treasure in Canada, so for a second I thought maybe it was released under a different name here. But I came home and did some research. Turns out that Sally Hansen decided to release a purple opalescent polish and since they liked the name Hidden Treasure so much, they decided to release a more beautiful color and re use the name.

That sounds a little fishy to me. Especially if you dig a little deeper and realize that not only is the name being reused but the colour as well. The Original Hidden Treasure was released with a colour called Ring my Shell. This colour is pretty much an exact dupe for the new Hidden Treasure.

I plan to write a letter to Sally Hansen to see whats going on. I think they are just trying to take advantage of the fact that the original Hidden Treasure was so popular. This certainly does not seem like a coincidence.

The pictures here are mine, but you can look at the blog below (not mine) where I read about this whole ordeal to see pictures of the original Hidden Treasure, the new Hidden Treasure and Ring my Shell.

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