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5 years ago

I`m finally getting back to posting on luuux hurray ^^

I looooove glitter polish so i was really excited to try out the sally hansen gem crush glitter nail polish. There are 8 colours in the range and of these I decided to pick up 4. I bought mine from priceline for AU$9.95 each which to me was pretty cheap for a sally hansen nail polish.

Anyways i LOVE these! they are SUPER glittery beyond what I expected. As you can see from the photos above the colours I selected were:

03 Big Money: Gold glitter with purple accents[or is it pink? o.Oa]
04 Bling-tastic: bright blue glitter with gold accents
05 Be-jeweled: Purple glitter with red accents
06 Razzle Dazzler: Pink glitter with silver accents

I love how it has 2 different sized glitter, the larger which is a contrasting colour. It really gives the overall effect a more dimensional feel. The swatches I did on my nail tips is only 1 coat. yes ONE COAT only!! crazyyyyy! with an average glitter polish you would probably have to layer around 3 coats to get even the same intensity as one coat of thesr babies ;)

Is it a pain to get off? understatement haha I actually used a nail file to get the majority off then use cottonballs soaked in remover, let it sit and then wipe off.

These polish are also very fast drying which is great because it can be very time consuming when painting on layers. If you have tried the glitter nail strips by sally hansen, these polish can give you the same glitter effect with just 2 if not only 1 coat. I had only painted the tips of my nails and after a week I didn`t really see any chipping. Still going strong at 2 weeks but by then I jsut decided to change polish for the sake of a new look rather than because they were worse for wear. I do recommend a topcoat [although for trial sake I didn`t use one] since it does leave a rough finish due to the glitter and a top coat will really make it more shiney and maybe last even longer! :)

These were really easy to apply due to the brush. As you can see from the photos, it has a wide yet flat brush which picks up a good amount of product and distributes it nice and evenly.

So if you really like your glitter polishes I definately recommend you check out this range :)

***Photos are my own and taken by me***

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