Salicylic Acid - Solution for acne problem

Hi everyone,

Im so sad, that my first post was deleted by LUUUX due to my lazyness to take picture of my own makeup forever aqua colour.
I wont post any of my own picture here as well just because i did this post in my office. my bad. but i will link where all the pictures i used in the source link below. PLEASE dont delete my post luuux! next post i will upload my very own picture okay? :D
my skin was naked, without any makeup this few weeks! WHY? its because im having my first skin breakout ever! all the pimples and acne and whiteheads, and bla bla dancing on my faceee! :"( ya, so to prevent the condition to be worsen, i stop everything.

I went a little crazy researching on it, and do everything i read about it. As i just started to work in private manufacturing skincare, so i have all the ingredients to experiment it. And also, my boss helped me alot.

The super ingredient for your acne problem is...
It was a white powder that supposedly obtain from the willow tree. it also a type of phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid. It has a good peeling properties, this way it will unclogged your pored that causes the acne. And also because its exfoliant properties it will help you to say `goodbye` to you whiteheads.
So if you do have the same problem as what i have right now, go to any convenient drugstore you have and look for cleanser or may it be gel or scrubs that contains salicylic acid.

oh btw, i just made my very own salicylic containing with milk esssence exfoliant! :) will try it soon after work!

Hope this helps! :)

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