Sala Silvermine Hotel Is Located Underground!

5 years ago

Yes! You read that right ladies and gents! Mostly the time when we`re on vacation we`re all out in the opening, but this special hotel is something different. Have you ever stayed underground before?

Well, the Sala Silvermine Hotel has flipped the script. For $600 a night would you picture yourself sleeping underground? This suite is some sick bizarre bedroom that`s build underground. Lets just say about 155m deep down... This place is decked out with luxurious furniture including a double bed, silver furnishing and a champagne platter. The Sala Silvermine Hotel is located in Sweden.

The only way you can keep in touch with people from the outside is from an intercom that`s connected to he reception of the surface. Now that`s just creepy! To get access to the room a mine shaft must be lifted. Since the hotel is build underground the designer included chandelier that`s like a lamp to keep the place glowing. It took about ten years to be carved out the bedroom.

This is by far the creepiest place ever! I can`t imagine myself being underground! And plus having to contact people through an intercom? Knock on wood as hard as I can because what "IF" something happened to the intercom!? Lol

1. Would you stay a night if people paid you 100k without any contact?
2. What would you do with the money if you did survive the night?

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