Saito Japanese Steakhouse Part 2 =)

5 years ago

I posted up Part 1 of my experience at Saito Japense Steakhouse in Florida and this time I am eating at the restaurant that my best friend works at originally. So basically, the discount that we get over here is a lot better than the other franchise we were at before. The service here is a lot better since the waiters are very good friends with my best friend since she works there, so we got many on the house stuff.

<em>This post is late... extremely... late LOL</em>

<ol><li><strong>Iced Coffee;</strong> This was personally made for my best friend that worked there by one of the waiters. It tasted really good, I think the waiter added chocolate syrup or something in there, weird combination yes, but tastes pretty good.</li>
<li><strong>Squid Salad w/ Rolls;</strong> This was on the house, it was fantastic and tasted beyond good. I love the squid in it and the rolls were very good too. I am not sure what type of roll it was but as long as it is good, it doesn`t matter.</li>
<li><strong>Angel Hair Cucumber Salad;</strong> This is my beloved again, crab meat salad.</li>
<li><strong>Ahi Tuna;</strong> I only love to eat seared ahi tuna, but this one still tasted pretty good. I love how the flower display is super pretty.</li>
<li><strong>Philadephia Roll & Eel Avacado Roll;</strong> Both rolls that I ate in Part 1, I ate again.</li>
<li><strong>Fried Calamari;</strong> Fried squid legs basically. Very tasty with the sauce it comes with.</li>
<li><strong>Jamba Juice;</strong> After we went to jamba juice to get a drink =)</li></ol>

The food at this particular franchise is cheaper because of the area it is located in. I had a good meal and with all this food, it wasn`t expensive. I always tend to order the same thing when I eat at sushi restaurants. I`m such a boring person when it comes to eating Japanese food even though it`s my favorite.

<em>What did you eat so far today?
When you eat at certain places, do you tend to order the same thing all the time?</em>

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