Saito Japanese Steakhouse PART 1 =)

5 years ago

Saito Japanese Steakhouse is a restaurant my best friend works at in Florida. I named this Part 1 because the owner of this restaurant has many restaurants around Florida and this is the first one she brought me to. She doesn`t work at this particular restaurant but she use to. The interior design of this restaurant is really pretty since it`s built around a rich neighborhood. The food there is pretty spectacular and was served very nicely. My best friend boyfriend was working at this particular restaurant that day so we got some free food.

<ol><li><strong>Hot Tea;</strong> I like the fact that it was served with a cushion so our fingers doesn`t get burn. Most places that I ate over here in NY that serves hot tea doesn`t give us that which causes me to hold my cup extremely careful.</li>
<li><strong>Spicy Raw Beef;</strong> I am not exactly sure what this is originally called but it tastes very good. I love eating it with rice.</li>
<li><strong>California Hand Rolls;</strong> This is my favorite roll, even though it`s the most simple, it`s still my favorite.</li>
<li><strong>Angelhair Cucumber Salad;</strong> In NY, it is known as kani salad, which is basically crab meat salad.</li>
<li><strong>Eel Avocado Roll;</strong> This use to be one of my favorite rolls but I don`t like it as much as I use to. It still tastes good though.</li>
<li><strong>No Idea What This Is Called Roll;</strong> LOL, I really don`t know the name of it, but it`s what one of my friends ate. I think it`s salmon on top... I think? It tastes really good though.</li>
<li><strong>JB Roll;</strong> Over here in NY this is known as Philedephia Roll which contains salmon and cream cheese. This has became one of my favorite rolls ever.</li></ol>

The food tasted good and I was satisfied. We couldn`t even finish surprisingly so we took so home to eat as midnight snack LOL, well I ate most of it since my friends didn`t want to eat them anymore. It still tasted good =)

<em>What did you eat for dinner tonight?
What do you usually like to eat at Japanese restaurants?</em>

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