Safety tips while riding a Fixie

If you can see more of two wheelers than four wheelers around you then just be happy because you are amongst those who can be free and not cry saving money for gas. With a number of drivers getting a hole in the pocket with the rising fuel prices, it was the right time to find something economical in order to drive to work and back.

Least maintenance and easily customizable single speed bikes are the most classic style of riding a bike. This is the kind of bike that a number of people love to ride including the racers. There are lots who know and have the opportunity to ride the fixie bike where as there are also a few who would actually want to be that fortunate.

Riding a single speed bike is though very easy but still it is important to remember a lot of different safety tips while you actually ride. You might have a good feeling and might also appear good but then it is important to be safe along with enjoying the fun of riding. One of the very important thing as a rider that you should remember is that you should never try coasting and should know the right speed of pedaling.

One of the most important safety tips that you need to consider at the time of learning to ride the bike is practicing starts and stops. This means that you need to learn the skill of slowing down where necessary. The main reason behind this is that you have the option of not using the brake and thus learning the skill of stopping by back pedaling is important for you to learn. If you know how to get the skidding done and now you are a pro you can still think of installing front brakes.

There can be times when you have to make sudden stops and thus for this you need to ensure that the frame uses the horizontal drop outs because only then the chain tension will get adjusted rightly.

The gear selection is going to be important while you purchase the single speed bike because it is with this that you will know how the ride will be. Before you start your ride, make certain that there is nothing entangled in your chain that might cause accidents or injuries. You should also not wear shoes with laces because it may get stuck in the wheel and that might be dangerous. Also see to it that you wear some short pants or the ones which are tight and also opt for clip less pedals. Always ensure safety first.

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