Safety Technology on the Volvo V40 to protect Pedestrians!

The new 2013 Volvo V40 will have a new safety technology added on to the car. It`s not for the people in the car but for pedestrians encase the car hits a crowd of people/person; it will give them some airbag protection. How? If it`s going to crash it will detect a person and then deploy it`s airbags but what if a person walks in front of your car and your car thinks you`re going to crash but you step on the breaks immediately? I think this technology can be confused at times? Because how do you know when the car will "really" crash?

Another new technology added to the car Lane Keeping Aid. The lane keeping aid makes sure you stay in your lane and if you don`t, the steering wheel will shake a little to alert you.

<Strong>What do you think of the technology of having airbags to protect pedestrians? And the Lane Keeping Aid?</strong> It is nice that there are airbags to protect pedestrians but I am not quite sure how that will work. The Lane Keeping Aid sounds like a nice feature but what if you`re changing lanes will it shake cause you`re drifting to the left/right lane?

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