Safety Makeup Tips: DO`S amp DONT`S


I decided to share with you guys some CRUCIAL safety tips when using and applying make up. I know, who would think that you would need to know SAFETY tips about using makeup. But suprisingly, it`s really important to know these tips.

These tips are the tips that I use on a daily basis, and I always follow them when applying makeup, because I want to keep myself as safe as possible from products that may be harmful when applied incorrectly. Anyways, these are the DO`s and DONT`s of makeup...

1. NEVER put your fingers in your products. Imagine how much bacteria is on your fingers! Always use a brush or applicator to AVOID the spreading of bacteria.

2. I think that this is a rule that alot of people know, but still ignore it. NEVER share your makeup with others. Ever.

3. Replace your makeup sponges as soon as they become soiled and gross-looking. Most sponges last like 2 weeks.

4. Keep your make up in COOL, DRY areas (out of direct sunlight) to keep them as fresh as possible.

5. When sampling makeup at a beauty counter, use a clean applicator like a fresh sponge. NEVER use an applicator that has been used before (especially brushes).

6. Don`t use your eye products if you have an eye protection. If you accidently use your eye makeup, then you should throw it out immediatley (it`s sad, especially if the makeup was expensive).

7. Any makeup products that smell funny or look funny, throw them out. It`s better to be safe than sorry!

8. Clean your makeup brushes regularly and take care of them (because that`s what`s touching your face everyday!)

9. Last, but not least, WASH YOUR HANDS before you apply makeup!

Anyways, I hope that these tips really helped out, because I think every girl should know this! These are CRUCIAL tips!

I have some questions for you guys now...

1. Did you know these tips before reading this?
2. If so, do you have any more tips to add?

Comment below if you have any questions, XO! :)
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