Safe Smart Money account and reject counterfeit notes

4 years ago

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I work at a place that money seems to me an interesting idea, but let`s see. These safe stores, supermarkets and other shops promise to upgrade the way you handle money. Called IntelliSafe, the equipment has counter notes, detects and records the fake money that is saved on it.

The safe was developed by Swedish company Gunnebo, a manufacturer of safety devices for use in banks. He is at the top, a control unit where the person who will use it is identified with a name and a password. Also at the top is a cash counter is similar to that used in banks.
Up to 50 notes can be put together on that device to be automatically counted and thrown in a bag inside the safe. Notes defective are rejected. The image recognition system also seeks to detect forgeries. If there is doubt about the authenticity of a ballot, it is also rejected.

A web application lets you manage multiple vaults distance. A network of stores, for example, can know how much money is saved in each of them. This makes it easy to determine when an armored car must go to a store to collect the money and take it to the bank.

The problem is that many security companies sell this equipment and sell the way

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